10 Fun Facts About Caterpillars + “Pipsie, Nature Detective” Book Giveaway

Pipsie, Nature Detective: The Disappearing Caterpillar (written by Rick DeDonato and illustrated by Tracy Bishop) gets my vote for being the cutest children’s book of the year! I think my kiddos would also agree after reading it several times over the past week! Not only are the illustrations adorable and storyline intriguing but my children actually learned a lot! It was full of fun and intersting facts as well as hilarious comments and a spontaneous little girl.

When we sat down to read it for the first time, our Boxer, Jinkie, kept following us. We finally let her jump up on the bed and read with us. She knew we were having fun and wanted to be a part of it! My daughters were laughing at the funny comments, and kept telling me that Pipsie’s outfit was “super cute.” I would have to agree! My 7 and 9 year old were both able to read this book on their own and it was just the right length. They even brought it to school to show their classmates and teachers. Pipsie, Nature Detective quickly became a favorite in our home and I am keep my fingers crossed for a sequel!


“Pipsie loves everything wild—from dragonflies to oceans to tall, tall trees. She also loves solving mysteries. That’s why she’s a nature detective! When she and her turtle, Alfred, notice that their new friend, Frannie the caterpillar, has vanished, Pipsie is on the case. She grabs her magnifying glass, goes to her tree-house headquarters, and begins to search for clues. It’s time to make this mystery history!”


Here are 10 fun facts about caterpillars/butterflies from the Pipsie, Nature Detective website!

1 – Caterpillars shed their skin 5 times before they are full grown!

The Longest Ride Trailer + Synopsis

The Longest Ride is the latest Nicholas Sparks book to make it to the big screen! If this movie is anything like the past few, it will be filled with drama, plot twists, hope and love. What more could you ask for in a film! I’m hoping to read the book before the movie comes out. I always enjoy being able to fill in all the extras from the book while watching the film. It also helps to know what actors are portraying the main characters to I can picture them while reading. So, while you are waiting for The Longest Ride to hit theaters, how about you check out the trailer below, then enter to win a copy of the book in 2 weeks! 


15 Songs In “Dancin’ in the Kitchen” Album + Giveaway

My kids thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Dancin’ in the Kitchen: Songs for All Families album! Each song was upbeat and unique with a folksy theme. After making 44 albums, Cathy and Marcy definitely know what they’re doing! Their voices are soothing and mesh perfectly. The lyrics for every song are well thought out and have a purpose. Whether you come from a traditional family, a mixed family, are adopted, or were raised by grandparents this album will help you appreciate and love those who you call “family.”

dancin in the kitchen

Here are 15 fun songs from the “Dancin’ in the Kitchen” album by Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke:

1 – Dancin’ in the Kitchen

DreamWorks Animation’s HOME Trailer + Giveaway

Only a few more days until the highly anticipated DreamWorks Animation HOME hits theaters! If your kids are anything like mine, they have been begging to see this movie since the first preview! I can’t blame them…it looks adorable! The characters are super unique, the plot is original, and the animation looks spectacular. We will definitely be heading for the 3D showing! After the success of the Dragons series, and the Croods, this is sure to be fantastic. While you’re waiting for the release date, check out the trailer and synopsis below, print out a few activities, then enter to win a $25 gift card to see HOME and a super cute mug!


10 Fun Facts About Disney’s Cinderella + Review

Disney’s Cinderella was one of the most satisfying live-action remakes ever. It had all the magic, wonder, and enchantment from the 1950s version. I was so overly excited to see this film that I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t be everything I imagined it would be. Would the stepmother be just as evil as I pictured? Would the stepsisters be as annoying? Would Cinderella be as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside but still be humble and kind? The answer to all of my questions is a resounding YES! I was literally crying when she stepped into the carriage wearing the beautiful, blue ballgown. It was just as magical as the Cinderella I grew up watching! The casting for this film was perfect. There wasn’t one character in the entire film that I thought should have been played by someone else. My favorite casting choice would have to be Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother. Even though she was probably the most different from the original, she was just what the film needed…even with her quirkiness! My whole family fell in love with this movie and can’t wait to see it again! We couldn’t have been more pleased. Next up? Beauty and the Beast!! Disney is on a roll…

cinderella 1

Here are 10 fun facts about Disney’s “Cinderella”:

1 – The blue dress in the movie had over a dozen layers of fabric, a corset, and a petticoat. There were 9 different versions made, each with over 270 yards of fabric and around 10,000 crystals. Each of these dresses took 500 man hours to make! 

12 Episodes On Blue’s Clues: Get Clued Into School DVD Pack + Giveaway

Blue’s Clues: Get Clued Into School contains almost 5 hours of educational entertainment! My kids grew up watching Blue’s Clues when they were preschool-aged. Now that they are all in school….they still enjoy it! They know all the answers, can easily figure out the clues, but they still have fun yelling at the TV and pointing out the paw prints! I should take a picture of my 9-year-old when this show is on. She is glued! I was going to save this set for my niece who is youngest but after a resounding “Noooooo!” from my kids, I guess I will just let her borrow it. They had seen about half of the episodes included on this set but the others were new to them. I like the “school-themed” idea. Great way to get the younger ones ready and excited if they are starting school in the fall!

blues clues

Here is a list of 12 episodes included in Blue’s Clues: Get Clued Into School Pack:

1 – The Power of the Alphabet

9 Episodes On Bubble Guppies: Fin-Tastic Collection DVD Set + Giveaway

Bubble Guppies: Fin-Tastic Collection contains almost 4 hours of underwater adventures! This DVD set would make a great addition to any Easter basket if you have any Guppy fans in your house. The 2 DVDs included are “On the Job” and the first Bubble Guppies DVD released, “Bubble Guppies.” If you already have one of the two you could buy the set and give the other as a gift! One of my kids’ favorite episodes is “A Tooth on the Looth!” My kids are obsessed with losing teeth for some reason. Probably because one of the four younger ones are losing a tooth every few weeks! They are in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade. The other episode we love is the “Fin-Tastic Fairy Tale.” This double episode features an enchanted forest and a creepy (but sorta cute!) witch. This is a great collection of episodes!


Here is a list of 9 episodes included in the Bubble Guppies: Fin-Tastic Collection DVD set:

1 – Fishketball!

8 Episodes In PAW Patrol: Marshall and Chase On the Case! DVD + Giveaway

PAW Patrol: Marshall and Chase On the Case includes 8 episodes from the number one rated Nickelodeon preschool series! This is now officially my kids’ favorite cartoon but they don’t usually catch all the episodes when they air on TV. This is why we love getting the DVDs! They had only seen 1 of the 8 episodes on Marshall and Chase On the Case so they were super excited! Besides the fact that the pooches on this series are completely adorable, I love the teamwork, rescue missions, and music on PAW Patrol. This would make an awesome addition to any Easter basket!


Here is a list of 8 episodes included in the PAW Patrol: Marshall and Chase on the Case DVD:

1 – Pups Pit Crew 

PicturesOnGold.com #NameThatWatch Contest (#win $500!)

PicturesOnGold.com created a brand new line of watches. The only problem? They don’t have a name! That’s where you come in. If you can think of a super creative, and unique name for these gorgeous new watches, you could win $500! Just think of what you could do with that kind of money! Once a name is chosen, it will be trademarked. How cool is that? The best part of this whole thing is…it’s super easy to enter! Just fill out the Google Doc form, follow PicturesOnGold.com on their social media pages, and you are on your way. No hoops to jump through, or crazy requirements. It literally could take you about 5 minutes! 

Here are the details - 

  • After the contest ends, three finalists will be chosen.
  • The name submitted has to be unique so it can be trademarked! If it isn’t able to be trademarked, the second and third choices will be submitted, in that order.
  • The winner will be notified AFTER the “Watch Name” receives trademark approval.
  • It can sometimes take up to 3 months after the name is submitted to the US Patent & Trademark Office, so be patient!
  • The contest is open to residents of US and Canada who are over 18 years of age.
  • The contest runs from now to March 20th.


Here are the steps for entering – 

1 – Follow PicturesOnGold on Instagram.

2 – Follow PicturesOnGold on Pinterest.

“This Book Just Ate My Dog!” Book Review + Giveaway

This book just ate my dog! by Richard Byrne made it’s way to the top of our bedtime reading stack and hasn’t moved! All five of my kids, and my niece, found this book entertaining, hilarious, and adorable! The second my daughter saw the word “dog” on the cover she knew she would love it. We have a boxer named Jinkie and she loves my daughter more than anyone else in our family! Whenever she sits on the couch to read or watch TV, it doesn’t take but a moment before Jinkie is on her lap. That’s exactly what happened when this book arrived. My daughter sat down to read it to her cousin and our dog jumped right in the middle. They eventually made it through the book after lots of kisses and handshakes from Jinkie. Since then we have read this book about 20 times! My kids showed it to my mom, their auntie, and anyone else who happens to come over. It’s just the right length for them and, with the interactive pages, they are never bored! I can’t wait to see what creative ideas Richard Byrne will come up with for his next book!

this book3  

“When her dog disappears into the gutter of the book, Bella calls for help. But when the helpers disappear too, Bella realizes it will take more than a tug on the leash to put things right. Cleverly using the physicality of the book, This book just ate my dog! is inventive, ingenious, and just pure kid-friendly fun!

this book4