7 Episodes In “PAW Patrol: Winter Rescues” DVD + Giveaway

With a family full of animal-lovers, PAW Patrol is still our favorite Nick cartoon! My kids were thrilled to check out the latest DVD, and see the episodes that they missed.  Their favorite episode by far was the double-length Christmas episode! They missed this episode when it aired last year. In “Pups Save Christmas” Santa’s sleigh crashes on Christmas Eve! Luckily the PAW Patrol is there to save the day. Can they fix the sleigh, round up the presents, and find the reindeer by Christmas Day? Take a wild guess :) This is a super cute collection of episodes that any kid will love!

paw patrol

Here are 7 episodes included in the new “PAW Patrol: Winter Rescues” DVD:

1 - Pups Save Christmas

10 Songs In Steven Spielberg Presents: Animaniacs Wakko’s Wish DVD + Giveaway

I loved Animaniacs as a kid, but kind of forgot about them until I heard someone singing the song where they list all the countries. After remembering how awesome they were, I got on Amazon and bought all three seasons so I could watch with my kids! I love the dark humor, clever writing, and cameos. It’s almost better now that I know who all the famous people are that make random appearances in several episodes! One thing not included in the DVDs I bought was Steven Spielberg Presents: Animaniacs Wakko’s Wish. I remember watching this full length film years ago and was super excited to add it to our collection. I love the songs! They are so unique and informative. Who knew learning could be so fun? This is a great DVD for any and every Animaniacs fan!

animaniacs wakko's wish1

Here is a list of 10 songs in Steven Spielberg Presents: Animaniacs Wakko’s Wish DVD:

1 - The Wishing Star

2 – Never Give Up Hope

10 Episodes In Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated The Complete Season Two + Giveaway

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated The Complete Season Two includes all 26 episodes on four discs. That’s 572 minutes of Scooby Snacks, frightening mysteries, and Scooby Dooby Doo! In case you haven’t figured out over my past few years, we love Scooby! Who doesn’t? We have a dog named Jinkie and even my almost-40-year-old husband will sit down and watch with the fam. My kids like watching Mystery Incorporated on Cartoon Network and now they can catch up on all the episodes they missed from season 2! Somehow Scooby has managed to keep his same fun-loving personality through decades of television specials, live action movies, spin-off series’ and more. We still love him just as much as we did during the Saturday morning cartoon days! He will never get old, and this new series is proof of that!

scooby doo mystery inc2

Here is a list of 10 episodes in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated The Complete Season Two:

1 - The Night the Clown Cried

2 - Art of Darkness

10 Fun Facts About “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day was a great movie for the whole family! I loved the book when I was a kid and enjoy reading it to my own kids. We all knew the story, but it’s always interesting to see how it plays out on the big screen. With Disney at the helm, I had a feeling it wouldn’t disappoint! I felt like they did a great job casting each member of the Cooper family. They  had distinct personalities that you can’t help but love! Alexander himself was exactly what I had imagined…goofy, awkward, kind, and an all around good kid. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day reminded me that even on the most stressful, chaotic, insanely-busy days, you can’t forget what is most important….family. They are (or should be) there through thick and thin encouraging you to follow your dreams even when life has other ideas. The message of this movie was heartfelt even with all the hilarious antics. You should definitely take the whole family to this one!

alexander and the terrible

Here are 10 fun facts about Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day:

1 - Ed Oxenbould, who plays Alexander in the movie, is actually Australian. He did a great job with his American accent! He did have a little help from a dialect coach on set. 

10 Features Of PureGear’s “HIP Case+” + Giveaway

Every year for my birthday I get a new iPhone. I couldn’t wait for the iPhone 6 to come out, but was kinda sad to get rid of my huge stack of iPhone 5S cases. I love PureGear’s  cases and had so much fun switching them out depending on my mood. I must say that the iPhone 6 is definitely worth starting over with my collection! The first case I was able to review was the HIP Case+. It has everything I have come to expect from a PureGear case and more! Protection, extra storage, and a convenient clip are just a few reasons I love the HIP Case+. Don’t have an iPhone 6? PureGear is giving one away (with a HIP Case+ of course!) Click here to enter. There are only 8 days left for this contest! Already have an iPhone 6? Enter to win a HIP Case+ below! 


10 features of PureGear’s HIP Case+:

1 – Offers superior protection from falls, scrapes, and scratches.

2 – Sturdy clip allows you to attach your phone to almost anything! 

10 Features Of PureGear’s Universal Tablet Folio + Giveaway

When my daughter decided to use her birthday money to buy a Kindle Fire, I thought it was a great idea! I also immediately started thinking about getting her a case because I know how much she loves setting her stuff down on the floor and other random places! I didn’t want her investment to be completely wasted because of one small accident.  PureGear’s  Universal Tablet Folio was the perfect solution. It had everything we were looking for in a case, and fit like a glove! Here are 10 features of this awesome case!


10 features of PureGear’s Universal Tablet Folio:

1 – Sturdy – The thick cover and back keep your device protected from drops and scratches.

2 – Magnetic Closure – The strong, magnetic closure keeps the cover closed but also stays out of the way when propped up.

10 Of The Best “Hey Arnold!” Episodes + Complete Series Review

Any kid growing up in the 90′s knew about Hey Arnold! and now with the release of the entire series on DVD, this generation can appreciate the cleverness of this classic Nickelodeon show! I wasn’t allowed to watch a lot of TV growing up, so when I did get the chance I made sure it was worth my time! Hey Arnold! was always a favorite so I was thrilled to be able to share the whole series with my kiddos, especially my 10-year-old son. He can totally relate to Arnold and his mission to always bring out the best in everyone. He had never seen an episode before so it was fun watching him enjoy it almost as much as I did. Some of the episodes I had never seen, and the ones I had seen reminded me how brilliant the writing is! I think I took that for granted as a 9-year-old. We haven’t made it through the entire series yet (because I don’t let my kids watch a ton of TV either) but we are having a blast starting from the beginning and watching in order. Hey Arnold!: The Complete Series will be released on November 11, 2014. This would also make a great gift for any Hey Arnold! fan!

hey arnold  

10 of the best Hey Arnold! episodes:

1 – Stoop Kid - Arnold’s football lands on the stoop of “Stoop Kid,” – a bully who has lived his whole life on his stoop, and is highly protective of it. But, when it’s Arnold’s fault that Stoop Kid becomes the joke of the city, he must help Stoop Kid face his biggest fear – leaving his stoop for the first time.

“Gone Girl” Movie Trailer + Giveaway

I am obsessed with murder mysteries! I watch show after show and always wonder, what if things aren’t really as they seem? What if, what if, what if. Gone Girl is the ultimate answer to that question! Did the husband do it? Was there someone else involved? “Gone Girl”seems to have the intensity of an episode of Dateline, times a thousand! With great reviews, an intriguing storyline, and an all-star cast you can’t go wrong! Go see it in theaters before someone gives away the ending! (And don’t be that one!)

gone girl5

10 Quotes From Chicken Soup: Multitasking Mom Book + Giveaway

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Multitasking Mom’s Survival Guide is pretty much the story of my life! As a mom of 5, I can relate to just about every chapter in this entire book. Not only were these stories entertaining and heartfelt, they also helped me realize that I am not alone! Sometimes I feel like I am the only mom that has a partially-dysfunctional family, but after reading story after story from mothers around the world I feel like we are all in this together! This Chicken Soup book is my favorite so far, and I’ve read quite a few! Know any multitasking moms? This would make a great gift with a little note inside letting them know how amazing they are! Or you can just win a copy for yourself :)


Here are 10 quotes from Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Multitasking Mom’s Survival Guide:

1 - Not merely an absence of noise, Real Silence begins when a reasonable being withdraws from the noise in order to find peace and order in his inner sanctuary. – Peter Minard

10 Reasons To Buy Maui Jim Sunglasses + Giveaway

Even though I owned a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses before moving to Hawaii, they had a whole new meaning once I was here! Everywhere I turn, I see the famous Maui Jim case. Surfers, volleyball players, moms, tourists…they are everywhere!  With the bright sun reflecting off the ocean, I never take a chance with any other pair when I go to the beach. Not only are they the most comfortable sunglasses I’ve ever owned they also have a patented PolarizedPlus 2 lens technology. This allows for a crystal clear image without the glare or harmful UV rays. Before I get carried away, let me just list 10 reasons that Maui Jim Sunglasses are the best!

maui jim2