“Spider Bite Popwich” Recipe For Halloween! #SnackSmall #popchips

Halloween is this weekend! If you are still looking for a fun and easy snack for your kids to make, check out these adorable spiders made with popchips! They are so cute you might not want to eat them! Here is the simple recipe for the Spider Bite Popwich and a delicious twist that will make them irresistible! After making these yummy snacks for your kids, why not hand out small bags of popchips to the neighborhood kids? They will love the light, crunchy texture and a break from the Tootsie Pops! 


6 Steps For A Fantastic Faux Tan + Mary Kay Giveaway

On one of the last episodes of Project Runway, the contestants were asked to create a New York Fashion Week “street” look. One of Mary Kay’s artists, Luis Casco, created an amazing faux tan to compliment one of the winning designs! Now you can get this same great look by using Mary Kay’s awesome products and following these simple steps. Even though summer is over, your tan doesn’t have to be!

mary kay tan

3 Hotel Transylvania 2 Inspired Halloween Recipes!

Halloween is just around the corner! If you are still looking for some delicious Halloween themed recipes that will make your kids squeal, here  are a few inspired by Hotel Transylvania 2 which opens next year! 

draculas dentures


mummy pretzels




green slimed popcorn



10 Characters From TMNT: The Complete First Season DVD Set + Giveaway

Now you can finally get all 26 episodes of TMNT in one DVD set! The TMNT: The Complete First Season includes over 600 minutes of non-stop ninja action and a collectable coffee table book! Combine this with the extra online bonus features and you can’t go wrong. If you haven’t seen an episode of the new TMNT series, it is definitely worth checking out! I will always love the old series from when I was kid, but this new version is just as enjoyable. The animation is awesome, they have an all-star cast for the voices, but they still stayed true to the original. This DVD box set would make a great gift for any TMNT fan this holiday season! (I can’t believe I just said that…it’s coming up so fast!)

TMNT The Complete First Season

Here are characters from TMNT: The Complete First Season DVD:

1 - Leonardo

5 Back-to-School NCircle DVDs + Giveaway

Fall is here and that means school is back in session! Whether your children are starting preschool, or high school, all kids need a break from the homework and schedules! Why not take a break with NCircle Entertainment? They have several DVDs that are entertaining, educational, and exciting! Featured here are 5 back-to-school themed DVDs that your kids will love. Right now my 4 youngest are 6, 7, 8, and 10. I thought they might be a little old for a few of the shows that arrived, but they were soon all on my bed watching Octonauts and then Sid the Science Kid. As a mom, I appreciate how educational the NCircle shows are and I love the fact that they all include great music! Here are the 5 DVDs we were able to check out and a synopsis of each!

The Wiggles

The Wiggles: Apples and Bananas

10 Uses For The WORX AIR Blower + Review

I’ve been lucky enough to try out a few WORX products, but had always had my eye on the WORX AIR Blower. I got sucked into the infomercial and wondered if it was just as amazing as it looked. I can officially say that it is! There are so many uses for the WORX AIR and I keep finding more! When it arrived I sort of just pictured it as an outdoor tool, but I have used it just as much inside the house! Sure, it does a fantastic job clearing sidewalks, getting debris off the patio, and blowing mango leaves into a pile….but it also does so much more! I use it to clear all the sand out of my house, blow up inflatables for the beach, and get dust out from under our piano and entertainment center. We don’t have any carpet in our house so it really helps in the places where my broom won’t. We have recently started cleaning out our garage and have found several dead roaches and ants. Guess what we use to get them back into the crawl space? That is probably not the most conventional use but it’s better than sweeping and having to get anywhere near them! Or cleaning them out of my vaccum.  The WORX AIR Blower did everything is claimed to do, and more. I was super impressed! Check out the awesome infomercial below and 10 uses for the WORX AIR.


Here are 10 uses for the WORX AIR Bl0wer:

1 - Use to clear sidewalks after cutting the grass. This is demonstrated in the video and only takes seconds! 

10 Reasons To Read “Bramble and Maggie” Books + Giveaway

My daughters (ages 7 and 8) LOVE animals are were so excited when they saw the three Bramble and Maggie books! So excited, in fact, that they decided to bring them to school to show their teachers and read to the class. This would be the reason there are no pictures here of my kids reading them! I took a picture of the books as soon as they arrived and haven’t seen them since. I should really just go to their classrooms and track them down, but I also love the fact that they are sharing the books with their classmates! I was super impressed with the entire series. The books were gorgeous, the stories were interesting, and they were just the right length for my 1st and 3rd graders. Some of the words were challenging, but not enough to make them give up. They also got very attached to the characters and talked about them as if they were real. (Which was adorable.) I found out after starting this post that the author also wrote one of my daughter’s other favorite books, Siage Paints the Sky (American Girl series). No wonder they fell in love with this series! We can’t wait for the next book to come out! Until then, here are 10 reasons to check out this fantastic series.

bramble and maggie

Here are 10 reasons to read Bramble and Maggie books:

1 - The stories are engaging and great for kids ages 5-9.

“The Best of Me” Review With Spoilers!

The Best of Me is the latest movie adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks book. Here is what I thought of this movie. 


10 Features Of Rockwell Sonicrafter F30 + Giveaway

In our house, the roles are sometimes reversed. My husband does laundry, doesn’t like being dirty, and calls people to fix things. I enjoy fixing things, love getting my hands (and anything else) dirty, and have a blast building and putting things together. When I was offered the chance to check out Rockwell’s latest products, I couldn’t wait! My hubby couldn’t have cared less about the awesome power tools I got to try out. I was challenged to carve a pumpkin using Rockwell’s Sonicrafter F30. FUN!!! After getting a pumpkin, I told my kids as soon as their homework was done, they could WATCH me carve a pumpkin…man-style. I probably should’ve taken this project outside, but I had already gotten everything ready so I used my kitchen counter. After drawing a super-cute picture on the pumpkin, I went to town with the Sonicrafter. It ended up being the fastest pumpkin carving experience ever! The motor was small, lightweight, but powerful! There may have been pumpkin juice flying all over me (and my kitchen) but that just made it even more exciting! I can’t wait to use the Sonicrafter F30 to make a small table for my patio. It was easy to put together, came with attachments and a perfect sized carrying case! If you are looking for a fun way to carve pumpkins, or a great gift for your husband check out the Sonicrafter F30 at Lowe’s!


Here are 10 features of the Rockwell Sonicrafter F30:

1 - Includes over 30 accessories! A sanding blade, several sanding sheets, blades, and more!

2 - The Sonicrafter has a universal fit system that allows you to use accessories from other brands.

7 Episodes In “PAW Patrol: Winter Rescues” DVD + Giveaway

With a family full of animal-lovers, PAW Patrol is still our favorite Nick cartoon! My kids were thrilled to check out the latest DVD, and see the episodes that they missed.  Their favorite episode by far was the double-length Christmas episode! They missed this episode when it aired last year. In “Pups Save Christmas” Santa’s sleigh crashes on Christmas Eve! Luckily the PAW Patrol is there to save the day. Can they fix the sleigh, round up the presents, and find the reindeer by Christmas Day? Take a wild guess :) This is a super cute collection of episodes that any kid will love!

paw patrol

Here are 7 episodes included in the new “PAW Patrol: Winter Rescues” DVD:

1 - Pups Save Christmas