4 Episodes On Team Umizoomi: Meet Shark Car DVD + Giveaway

My 6-year-old was SO excited to get another Team Umizoomi DVD! He is obsessed with math and can’t get enough of Milli, Geo, and Bot. Whenever we are in the car and there is more than 5 seconds of silence he will say, “Ask me math questions!” The latest Nickelodeon DVD, “Team Umizoomi: Meet Shark Car” was very cute and full of math concepts! His favorite episodes were “Shark Car” and “Stompasaurus.” I love how each episode teaches “mighty math powers” like numbers, shapes, and measuring in a fun and engaging way! My son already seems to know the answers to every question they ask on the show, but he still thoroughly enjoys it!

team umi

Here is a list of episodes included in Nickelodeon’s “Team Umizoomi: Meet Shark Car” DVD:

1 – Shark Car – Team Umizoomi jump into action to find Shark Car and get him back to their friend Jose before the ferry leaves.

5 Summer Reading Tips + “Power Up & Read” With Scholastic & Energizer!

*This post was sponsored by Scholastic. All opinions are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.* 

Summer is almost here! Before your kids get into their regular routine of watching TV and playing video games, get them signed up for the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge program, powered by Energizer!  Energizer and Scholastic are teaming up for this educational reading program that focuses on S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). I just finished signing up my kiddos and they each have a list of books to pick from! We also received some fun printables, bookmarks, and checklists to keep track of our progress.

summer reading

After checking out the website, the books we were able to review, and setting reading goals they are super excited to get started! One of the ONLY ways I can get my kids to read (voluntarily), is if they are fascinated with the book. Scholastic has done all the research for you and compiled lists of interesting and educational books. What more could a parent want? Here are a few summer reading tips, a video about the program, and info on the Energizer Instant Win game!

Power up and read!

Here are 5 fun tips to start out your summer reading adventures!

Hot Pursuit Trailer, Synopsis, And Giveaway!

We are going to check out the screening of Hot Pursuit tomorrow night with a few friends and I can’t wait! This movie looks perfect for girl’s night out. I love Reese Witherspoon and was so excited to see her in the trailer. She looks hilarious in this role as an “uptight” police officer! After it comes out this weekend I’m sure I will be seeing it again with my husband. He loves Sofia Vergara (surprise, surprise) and could really use a night out! I will let you know how the movie is next week. Until then, check out the trailer below, enter the #HotMamas sweepstakes, and then enter to win a T-Shirt and gift card to see the movie!


13 Ways These 2 WORX Products Make Mom’s Life Easier! + Giveaway

When most people think of the brand WORX they think of great quality tools and accessories for men, but I am here to tell you their products are just as useful for women! I fix just as many things around the house as my husband does, if not more! I can hang blinds, fix toilets, install shelving, and even take apart our dryer! For Mother’s Day this year, why not go against the grain and get her a WORX product that will make her life a little easier! Here are two awesome products that I use regularly…and love! Enter to win one for yourself below!



In the picture above I actually used the XTD Extended Reach Driver to put together my GT Grass Trimmer! All it took was one screw and my WORX Grass Trimmer was ready to go!  After charging the battery, I was able to trim the whole perimeter of my yard and still had some juice left! It is lightweight, easy to handle, and works like a charm. 


The Extended Reach Driver worked just as well. I actually LOVE this thing…it’s probably my favorite tool I’ve reviewed. It’s small, powerful, and comfortable to hold. The extendable drive shaft makes every project easier! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used a manual screwdriver while fixing things because my electric drill didn’t fit. So far I have used it on my car and toilet seat. Another great feature? It’s only $30! You can’t beat that for the quality and convenience.


Here are 13 ways the WORX Grass Trimmer and XTD Xtended Reach Driver make mom’s life easier!:

1 – The WORX GT Grass Trimmer is super lightweight! Only 5.3 lbs. with the battery!

2 – The GT 2.0 Trimmer also has an adjustable guard to protect flowers and other important greenery! 

10 Fun Facts About Avengers: Age Of Ultron + Review

Avengers: Age of Ultron was AWESOME!!!! After going to the preview by myself, I knew I had to take the whole family! 

Here is what my 11-year-old son thought of Avengers: Age of Ultron:

“When I first heard about the new Avengers movie I was super excited to see it! I was also not happy that my mom didn’t take me to the screening. I was happy that I still got to go the weekend it came out. One of my favorite parts was when Thor challenged the other Avengers to pick up his hammer. He said if they did they would rule Asgard. When Captain America tried to lift the hammer it moved a little bit and Thor’s face was hilarious. He was worried that Captain America might actually be able to lift it! I was laughing so hard at that part. Another part that I liked was when  Veronica was punching the Hulk over and over and saying “Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep!” I also thought the robots looked really cool. Ultron was the best looking, even though he was a bad guy. I was kind of sad at the end when Thor, Hawkeye, Ironman, and Hulk took off. I really hope they are in the next Avengers movie! Overall Avengers: Age of Ultron was beyond amazing and I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD! I really hope my mom buys it for me!”

Yes, I probably will, but not just for you!

avengers2  Here are 10 fun facts about Avengers: Age of Ultron:

1 – In an interview with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the cast didn’t realize that no one had planned a “wrap party” until the last day of filming. They happened to be in Italy at the time and Whedon gathered the cast together at the end of the day and had them walk around in the snow until they found a good place for a party. They eventually found a small club and ended up partying and dancing til 4AM!  

6 Episodes In Nickelodeon’s Let’s Learn: S.T.E.M. DVD + Giveaway

I LOVE the “Let’s Learn” Nickelodeon DVDs! I especially appreciated this latest addition, Let’s Learn S.T.E.M. When we lived in Arizona my kids were in a S.T.E.M. school. I drove them to a school several miles away everyday, even though we could’ve gone to the school just around the corner. (it’s a public school but they didn’t offer a bus if you lived out of the boundaries) We eventually ended up moving just to be closer to the school because I loved it so much! They had S.T.E.M. everywhere! Painted on the walls, in every classroom, on banners outside the school etc. My son was in a LEGO robotics class after school, they had SMART boards in every class, and they always looked for cool and innovative ways to integrate S.T.E.M. in everything they did. Anyway…my point is I am super passionate about anything related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This Nickelodeon Let’s Learn DVD features episodes that include these concepts, which in my opinion, are SO important in this day and age! Enter to win this awesome collection of episodes all on one DVD.  


Here is a list of episodes included in Nickelodeon’s Let’s Learn: S.T.E.M. DVD:

1 – Blaze and the Monster Machines  – Tool Duel

4 Episodes Included In The Wallykazam! DVD + Giveaway

Wallykazam! is Nickelodeon’s latest educational show for the youngsters! My kids fell in love with this show after the first episode. They adore the goblins, ogres, and other fantasy characters! I thought the show was pretty cute too. Wallykazam! teaches words, letter sounds, and other reading/writing concepts. I think it would go perfectly with Umizoomi and their math lessons! The storylines are creative, the episodes are educational, and the Wally and the other characters are super cute! Check out the Wallykazam! games, coloring pages, and activities on the Nick Jr. website.


Here is a list of 4 episodes included in Wallykazam!:

1 – Naptime for Borgelorp – Wally uses magic words to help tire out Ogre Doug’s hyper and unpredictable pet Borgelorp.

Dial For Kids! Body Soap & Foaming Hand Wash + Giveaway

Dial has a few new products perfect for your little ones! Dial Baby Body + Hair Wash was developed with pediatric dermatologists and has no parabens or artificial dye. That means it can even be used on newborns! The hypoallergenic formula is fragrance-free and will clean off dirt and germs leaving your baby smelling fresh and clean. Even though I don’t have any babies in my house, my kids were thrilled to try a new body wash, that they could also use on their hair! They also like that it didn’t sting their eyes, a complaint they usually have with their other shampoo.

dial kids

10 Reasons To Buy The SUMO Ice Cream Scoop!

Since it’s ice cream weather year round here in Hawaii, we are always in need of a great ice cream scoop! I was super excited when I heard about the solid stainless steel SUMO Ice Cream Scoop. With it’s lifetime warranty and sturdy design, this is the last one I will ever have to buy! With seven of us in the house, we go through kitchen gadgets like crazy! We’ve gone through at least 2 ice cream scoops in the past year alone. One was ruined from the dishwasher, the other broke after trying to use it in ice cream that was frozen solid. (Aren’t ice cream scoops supposed to be designed for that?!) Well the SUMO Ice Cream Scoop definitely is! It was easy to hold, didn’t slip out of my hand, and went straight into the rock-hard ice cream! What more could I ask for in an ice cream scoop? In case you aren’t convinced, here is a list of 10 reasons why you should buy the awesome SUMO Ice Cream Scoop!


1 – It has a Lifetime Warranty!

2 – It has a non-slip grip so you can scoop with ease.

Hot Pursuit Movie Trailer & Synopsis

Hot Pursuit, which will definitely be “hot,” hits theaters on May 8th! With a star-studded cast including Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara, this would be a great date-night or girls-night-out movie! Check out the hilarious trailer below. Stay tuned for a Hot Pursuit giveaway (including a super cute t-shirt) coming on May 5th.


Synopsis – “An uptight and by-the-book cop (Reese Witherspoon) tries to protect the sexy and outgoing widow (Sofía Vergara) of a drug boss as they race through Texas pursued by crooked cops and murderous gunmen.”


Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Sofía Vergara, John Carroll Lynch, Rob Kazinsky, Richard T. Jones

Directed by: Anne Fletcher

Hot Pursuit (Warner Bros. Pictures) will be in theaters May 8, 2015 and is rated PG-13

Check out Hot Pursuit on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Google+! #HotPursuit

Stay tuned for an awesome giveaway coming May 4th then check out the movie on May 8th!