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10 Awesome Facts About Candy!

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I LOVE learning random facts about everything even though they only stay in my brain for about 27 seconds.  It’s kind of nice though because when I read the same facts over again, I don’t remember, so I feel like I’m learning something new!  One of my favorite “fact” books is National Geographic Kids “5000 Awesome Facts About Everything.” I have probably read the entire book a few times, but I still feel like I am reading it for the first time when I open it up!  Here are 10 awesome facts about candy that you probably didn’t know!

1 – Cotton Candy used to be called Fairy Floss!  I think I like Fairy Floss better.

2 – 200 million individual Skittles are made every day!  If only they were all of the red variety!

3 – In the summer over half of all marshmallows sold end up being toasted over a fire.  I ONLY like marshmallows if they are toasted so this makes sense to me!

4 – When E.T. was released, sales of Reese’s Pieces went up over 65%!  M & M was offered the role, but turned it down.

5 – Tootsie Rolls were once marketed as a “health food”.  Oh how times have changed!

6 – In 1953 it took 27 hours to make one Marshmallow Peep!  Today it takes 6 minutes.

7 – The sugar in candy isn’t what rots your teeth.  The “streptococcus” bacteria in your mouth like to munch on sugar.  The acid they excrete can give you cavities.

8 – The founder of Hershey’s Chocolate started his candy making business at just 18 years old!  I wonder if he has any cavities?

9 – Two different universities created machines to see how many licks it took to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.  One took 411, the other 364.

10 – Peppermint Patty from the “Peanuts” comic strip was named after Charles Schultz saw a dish of the candy sitting on a table.

Hopefully you learned a couple cool facts about candy that you didn’t know!  Maybe if you come back in a month or two, you will learn them all over again like me :)  If you know an interesting fact about your favorite candy, let me know!

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12 Responses to 10 Awesome Facts About Candy!

  1. Amy Waite says:

    I love random facts!! Here’s mine to add. Of course I had to google it, but it was still fun!

    The top selling candy: Candy Corn. Americans purchase over 20 million pounds of it a year, though it is unlikely that every last one of those millions of candies was actually consumed.

    After the beloved Candy Corn, the leading best sellers are as follows: Snickers, Reese’s, Kit Kat and M&M’S.

  2. Laura Chandler says:

    That’s surprising about candy corn. I still vote for Hershey’s Chocolate bar with almonds, or Caramello bar.

  3. jasmine says:

    it takes three days to make a jelly bean.

  4. Becky VanGinkel says:

    I think Fairy Floss is a better name than Cotton Candy too! lol My son would love this book.. he’s 10 and right now his favorite book is The Big Book of Knowledge! He’s always walking around spouting random facts, but it makes me think that one day he might be really good at Jeopardy! lol

  5. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Awesome book!As a candy lover I think this is interesting.

  6. Jenna Parsons says:

    Ha! Fairy Floss! I love it! My daughter already thinks its magical :)

  7. Katherine says:

    These are great I especially love the health food tootsie rolls

  8. I says:

    The eighth fact was my favorite because who knew he was sixteen when he started his Hershey’s candy business

  9. Joni Mason says:

    I love books like these! I think books like this are a fun way to help children want to learn. Thanks for sharing!

  10. rochelle haynes says:

    Thanks for the info will put it to use

  11. I love the information on this subject, candy is very important to me.

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