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8 Awesome Attachments to WORX AIR Blower + Giveaway

As a follow-up to our WORX Grass Timmer post, we are thrilled to showcase this incredible company again!  As a very handy, all-purpose clean-up tool, the WORX 32V Air Blower is amazing in and of itself.  Add the new WORX AIR 8-piece attachment kit, and you can pretty much do it all!  I trimmed one stretch of our sidewalk with the WORX Grass Trimmer (see “before” shot below), and about 16 seconds later (literally!), the blower had cleared the clippings.  It is surprisingly compact and blasts 120 mile-per-hour air speed!

WORX Air Blower

Here is a list of eight awesome attachments to the WORX 32V Air Blower:

1 – AIR Wand - This wide attachment sends a sliver of compressed air through a narrow opening, functioning like an air broom.  Perfect for clearing or drying windshields, glass doors, or windows.

2 – AIR Dust Brush - The 90-degree extension brush is great for clearing cobwebs out of corners or brushing window frames and blinds.

3 – AIR Compact Tube - The “stubby” nozzle of this attachment is perfect for quick, powerful blasts of air to clean campers, tents, picnic table tops, porches, or garage floors.

4 – AIR Extension Hose with Dust Tube - The extension hose allows for extended use in hard-to-reach places like detailing a car or clearing sawdust from wood-working tools.

5 – AIR Detail Brush - This small detail brush attachment affixes to the extension hose and is perfect for clearing keyboards, automobile dashboards, speakers, vacuum filters, etc.

6 – AIR Inflator Nozzle - Yes, this blower can actually inflate beach balls, inflatable donuts, and other inflatables!

7 – AIR Deflator Cover and Nozzle - Pop this attachment to the bottom of the blower to deflate everything you inflated with the inflator nozzle!

8 – AIR Standard Hose - The length and angle of the standard hose attachment is perfect for minimal effort and maximum clearing!

WORX Air Blower

You can purchase the WORX AIR 32V Blower/Sweeper for $149 (plus tax and/or shipping and handling) here.

Win a $150 WORX AIR 32V Blower/Sweeper with Attachment Kit!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure – Per FTC Regulations, I am disclosing that I received this $150 product from the company mentioned above, free of charge, for review. I was in no other way compensated for my review. The views expressed above are my own, honest opinions and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

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45 Responses to 8 Awesome Attachments to WORX AIR Blower + Giveaway

  1. steve weber says:

    this blower would be the tool I need best.

  2. Sheila K. says:

    I would LOVE to have the WORX 13″ Grass Trimmer & Edger!

  3. Amy Hunter says:

    Awesome Giveaway! We actually have lawn here, so we could put this tool to good use, lol.

  4. Sheila K. says:

    I commented on your Stuffed Strawberry Cream Cheese French Toast Recipe posting!

  5. Donna L says:

    I like the 40V MaxLithium™ WORX 13″ Grass Trimmer & Edger.

  6. Amy Hunter says:

    Commented on your last Sam’s Club Deals :)

  7. Donna L says:

    I commented on your Easy Caramel Brownie Recipe.

  8. Sarah Lalliss says:

    I would love to have the chain saw re-invent.

  9. Rachael says:

    WORX has a lot of tools, but I still think my favorite would be the leaf blower.

  10. David says:

    I also like the 18″ electric chain saw for some pruning chores that need to be done.

  11. Richard Fox says:

    I like the JawSaw

  12. Richard Fox says:

    Also commented on Friskers for Kids.

  13. Amy Waite says:

    I need the inflator nozzle. I commented on Sam’s club.

  14. Shelley P says:

    I also like the WORX TRIVAC Blower / Mulcher / Vacuum w/ All Metal Mulching System. We have so many trees around the house so the mulcher and blower feature on this would be great to have!

  15. Jillian Strong says:

    Now this is something I could have my boys put to good use at my house :-)

  16. Susan McNeill says:

    This looks amazing. Thanks for the GREAT giveaway!

  17. Susan McNeill says:

    I could sure use the IntelliCut lawn mower!

  18. Susan McNeill says:

    I also commented here: http://obsessivemommy.com/2013/09/19/gifts-for-boys/#comment-4680

  19. lizzy says:

    I would also like the trimmer!

  20. Danni stengel says:

    we definitely need a grass trimmer/edger

  21. Erica says:

    love worx products :)

  22. Jackie says:

    My blower just crapped out…i love my worx 2.0 edger/weedwacker 32 v

  23. Deb Collett says:

    We already have two edgers and the trivac. Love them both. Worx is a great company to work with.

  24. Rena Ann Fisk says:

    Would love to win the blower. I have had the trimmer/weedeater for 4 seasons now and with an acre to trim (bought an extra battery)I cannot say enough how tough this trimmer is. It’s lightweight, easy to use and charge batteries and it WORX so well for this 55 year old grandma…. Love WORX products….

  25. Dave Lasko says:

    Got the trimmer (it is great). adding the blower would be fantastic!

  26. Von Taylor says:

    Great tool to have especially when your broom handle is broken:)

  27. Elwin Holloway says:

    love the worx products would love to add this to what i have already.

  28. Rod Evans says:

    a cordless engine free blower would be perfect for those areas where noise levels are problematic

  29. Mike Malone says:

    Looks awesome!

  30. Diana Serafini says:

    Love the Worx products. Grass trimmer is the easiest to use ever.

  31. John Larsen says:

    I could really use this now that the fall season is upon us

  32. BJ says:

    Love Worx products!

  33. Brent says:

    It’s fall season again time to get rid of the unwanted leaves.

  34. Dawn Monroe says:

    My husband would love that site! I think the trimmer edger and the newly invented chainsaw would be our pick. Ive got my fingers crossed for this one.

  35. jeff says:

    since winter is coming up the snow blower would be nice…but I wouldn’t mind winning any of their tools

  36. mark says:

    after owning a WORX GT this would be just the right tool for clean up

  37. Terry Cross says:

    My husband would love the Jawsaw

  38. Renee Walters says:

    I like the 40V MaxLithium™ WORX 13″ Grass Trimmer & Edger.

  39. dorrie turner says:

    The JawSaw THE CHAINSAW, RE-INVENTED seems like a safer, easier approach to handle when I need to take down branches or other tough work.

  40. latanya says:

    WORX SD SemiAutomatic Driver

  41. latanya says:

    commented here http://obsessivemommy.com/2013/09/19/gifts-for-boys/#comment-5111

  42. Tammi says:

    So-far I vote this # 1 article in 2014. Thank you

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