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10 Great Tovolo Kitchen Products

Tovolo is one of those companies that produces unique, high-quality kitchen products to meet needs you never even knew you had!  From the Perfect Poach to the Basting Buddy, Tovolo makes fresh, new, vibrant products to keep your kitchen state-of-the-art.  I especially love its very large collection of Spatulart: a variety of fun spatulas and turners which come in seasonal collections (like ours below!), as smiley faces, cookies, insects, and more!


Here is a list of 10 more awesome Tovolo kitchen products:

1 – Glide-a-Scoop Ice Cream Tub - Non-slip base steadies the container while you effortlessly scoop along the slender tub.

2 - Double-Ended Citrus Reamer - The double-ended, hard polycarbonate jewel of a tool is sized perfectly for lemons and limes.

3 - Collapsible Microwave Food Cover - The large cover size fits most plates, and vented holes allows steam to be released.

4 - Collapsible Stopper & Strainer - Turn the handy knob and drop the stopper preventing liquid from draining. Turn knob back and let the drain holes assist in draining while collecting food particles.

5 - Petite Pie Mold - With your choice of savory or sweet fillings, you can make pies for any discrete palate.

6 - Ice Cream Sandwich Molds - Bake the cookie, cut the design, and press!

7 – Silicon Splatter Screen - The uniquely designed handle stays cool to the touch while the heat resistant silicone is framed by stainless steel to provide extra strength.

8 - Prep & Serve BBQ Trays - These nesting trays keep raw and cooked meats safely separated. Carry uncooked meats to the grill. Interchange trays, and the raw juices are contained.

9 - Perfect Cube Ice Trays - Nothing else compares to perfectly-shaped ice cubes added to your beverage!

10 - 2 in 1 Pizza Wheel - The sharp stainless steel blade will cut through the heartiest pizza while the polycarbonate wheel is safer for pizzas on countertops and nonstick pans.


You can purchase Tovolo products at a variety of stores found here.

Disclosure – Per FTC Regulations, I am disclosing that I received these products from the company mentioned above, free of charge, for review. I was in no other way compensated for my review. The views expressed above are my own, honest opinions and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

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2 Responses to 10 Great Tovolo Kitchen Products

  1. Brigette says:

    These look so fun. The designs are cute!

  2. I am agree with Brigette… nice designs of your kitchen products looks like of small kids use.

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